Shop the Look – at Home with Giselle Bündchen

credit: Architectural Digest

Away from the bright lights of the runway and football stadium, supermodel Gisele Bündchen and husband Tom Brady have created a sanctuary revolving around time spent with their family. To no one’s surprise, the couple built the perfect design team to achieve the right balance of simplicity and coziness. With perfect dashes of color and plenty of natural light, there is so much to love about this home’s dining space.

The furniture pieces chosen balance elements of charisma and casual, everyday dining. The large “K-base” dining table has the ability to dress up for large dinner parties or dress down for daily supper. A bronze and jewel dripping chandelier graces the dining room with a touch of subtle glamour as the curtains and linen-covered chairs add a sense of refinement. Accessories add an additional touch of color and makes the look complete.
Bring Hollywood home with these furniture and accessory pieces brought to you by Sheffield Furniture & Interiors.
Kensey Wall Art
A round abstract iron wall plaque in a burnt metal finish makes for a unique yet attractive point of interest.
Vienna Dining Table
This table designed by Laura Kirar gives a more polished look to the space. With its curvy leg design, bronze hardware, and your choice of finish, this elegant table is the perfect place to dine with friends.
Chandler Dining Chair
With its smooth edges and soft fabric cover, the Chandler Curved Back with Scoop Top Chair adds a touch of soft luxury.
Elegance Chandelier
True to its name, this chandelier’s embellishments and gold leaf finish lends just the right touch of detail to its graceful form.
Grantola Mirror
With its hand-forged metal finish, this window style mirror makes a stunning addition to any room.
Highland Wall Sconce
Made with forged wrought iron metal and featuring four lights, this natural branch form brings a bit of the outdoors inside.
Reptilia Vases
Add the perfect pop of color with this textured trio set of vases and top with fresh, seasonal florals.
Leona Sheer Fabric
Available in metal and platinum color schemes, this fabric brings the glam to glamorous with its sunlight kissed glimmer.

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