Take A Seat

We have some exciting news! We will be joining designers from all around the Philadelphia area in the annual IFDA (International Furnishings and Design Association) Take a Seat charity exhibition and auction. We, like the other designers, will be designing and donating a chair that will later be sold to benefit local charities. We’re absolutely thrilled to be participating in this event, so we decided to document our chair design process and share our excitement with you.


Our Chair selection for the IFDA event is the Louis XVI chair by Hickory Chair. We chose a simple reupholstery to demonstrate how drastically customizations, such as fabric selection and finishing, could change the character of a chair.



Original Louis XVI chair by Hickory Chair


First, we stripped off the old fabric, and then we hand-painted gold detailing on the legs to accentuate the gorgeous design and flow seamlessly with the gold in our selected fabric.




Our craftsmen take great pride in their work, carefully hand-painting and upholstering every detail




We decided to give the chair a royal flair by selecting a rich red fabric and sophisticated gold pattern to cross the surfaces of the seat and back.










Each selection—from the fabric to the gold highlights—was made to accent the unique, attractive qualities of the chair’s design. We opted for a contrasting back fabric to bring out the deep, royal red tones of the pattern. And on the front, we had the welt cord folded on a bias to subtly accent the pattern. Our chair, Imperial Design, will be auctioned on October 16th at the Take a Seat charity auction.






To learn more about Take a Seat please visit http://ifdatakeaseat.com