Window Treatments: How to Disguise Awkward Windows

We have all seen odd design elements in a home’s architecture that made us ask ourselves, “what was the builder thinking?”. If that element happens to be a window, proper treatments can become much more than just fabric hanging from a rod. They can become brilliant masters of disguise. Below is an example of one of our window treatment design dilemmas. See how a Sheffield designer used creativity combined with stylish window treatments to easily resolve an architectural issues without the need for contractors or permits

Issue #1: Height Proportion
Since the builder selected a standard window for a room with a very high ceiling, the window appears awkwardly out of place. The scale between the height of the window in relation to the height of the ceiling is out of proportion.

Issue #2: Window Trim
The basic woodwork around the window is out of balance with the grand stature of the room. The builder could have used decorative trim instead to add a touch of sophistication and style.

The images above show two different types of window treatments but neither option address the architectural issues. In fact, they make them worse. The cornice gives the illusion that the window is even shorter than it already is. Both treatments allow too much of the molding to show which draws the eye towards it instead of away.

So how would you fix these issues? Our first step is to use blinds with blackout lining placed significantly higher than the window. Blackout lining provides privacy and light control, all while disguising the actual height of the window. Without blackout lining, the sunlight will give away the placement of the blinds and ruin the effect. But, simply hanging the blinds will allow anyone standing next to the window to see that it is too small.

The final creative touch is adding panel draperies to hide the mismatch between the window and the height of the blinds. By hanging the draperies further out on the wall, the overall appearance of the window looks much larger. With the three main edges of the woodwork hidden under the treatments, it no longer becomes a distraction. By usingĀ  out-of-the-box thinking to create the perfect custom-designed window treatments, there is now more than meets the eye.

If you are struggling with awkward windows in your home, visit a Sheffield showroom today for expert advice on creating the right window treatments for your space.