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Window Treatments - Sheer Solutions

You can make a dramatic effect in a room with the right window treatments, and sheers are a beautiful option. Sheers have an airy, romantic way of diffusing light, they add a soft frame to a window, and can be used in some very creative ways. While sheers are not the right solution for every window, we have explored ways to use sheers in window treatments that offer real style, beauty, and interest!

In this case, sheers are used on these windows that don’t go to the floor.  Notice when the light hits them, it highlights the darkness around the window.

Sheers on window

Our solution is adding a band of fabric to the bottom of the sheers.  This adds great style and functionality, plus real visual appeal!

Sheers with fabric band

While sheers don’t offer great privacy, you can still enjoy the benefit of diffused light plus privacy by using sheers at the top of the drapery as we’re showing you here.

Sheer at top of window

A great contemporary option for your windows are these sheer roller shades, allowing light in the room softly or simply close the shades for privacy!

Sheer Roller Shades

If you want privacy at night, we can add some drapery panels.

These sheer roman shades are a classic option.

And if you need privacy at night we can help you choose a beautiful fabric for drapery panels.

Sheer Roman Shades with Drapery Panels
We custom make draperies and curtains in our on-site, state-of-the-art facility.  Our window treatment fabricators are experienced in their craft and assure you of exceptional results! The options in fabrics, colors, and styles offer you beauty and endless possibilities!  The difference the right window treatment can make in any room is remarkable.  We hope you’ll stop in and talk to one of our interior designers or window treatment specialists about the stunning options available for your windows!